Personal Injury

Accidents can and do happen, and sometimes accidents or issues caused by the provision of healthcare can have significant and lasting consequences.

When you have suffered a personal injury, issues with health providers, or even loss of a loved one, you may need someone to act on your behalf.

Our litigation team is highly experienced at handling personal injury and clinical negligence claims. Their experience and skill will ensure you have the best possible chance of maximising any compensation you may be entitled to, and as part of your claim you will be directed to medical experts and rehabilitation providers to help you continue with your life after the accident.

We are proud to offer an initial free half hour legal advice session (terms and conditions apply) and we often consider personal injury and clinical negligence claims on a conditional fee arrangement basis, commonly referred to as "no win, no fee" funding.

If you have been involved in an accident, or if you have suffered issues to your health resulting from the provision of healthcare, do not hesitate to contact our litigation team who will be pleased to discuss your enquiry further.

Litigation Specialists

Huw Jones