Commercial Litigation

Business disputes can take up a great deal of time and resources, and can often be emotionally and psychologically draining too.

We will advise you on the possible or likely outcome of your case, how long it may take to achieve resolution and how much it is likely to cost.  We’ll help you make informed, balanced decisions every step of the way and use our knowledge and expertise to achieve the best outcome for you, hopefully avoiding the need for court proceedings.

We have an excellent success record in settling claims and disputes out of Court, but we’ll take a skilled, knowledgeable and robust approach on your behalf if the case does go to trial, whether that’s at County Court, High Court or Court of Appeal level.

In most cases litigation doesn’t have to mean court hearings and huge expense. Most disputes are more easily resolved and we are skilled at achieving the best result for our clients, in the shortest possible time, and at least cost to them.

Whether you’re involved in a dispute or are considering making a claim, call us on 01432 276276.  We’ll give you sound, practical advice and the best possible chance of achieving a successful outcome.

Commercial Litigation Specialists